Sanjay and Me

It’s not everyday I get to have my picture taken with a neurosurgeon. Sanjay Gupta presented at the UC Santa BarbaraArts & Lectures Series, Sunday October 21, on “Medicine and the Media.” The Santa Barbara County Medical Society and Cottage Health System sponsored a pre-presentation luncheon with a close up and personal Q &A— and photo—opportunity. You have surely seen Sanjay—we’re on a first name basis—on television. He’s CNN’s Emmy and Peabody award-winning, world-traveling chief medical correspondent. Last year, he logged more miles than anyone else at CNN! In addition to family, neurosurgery, journalism, and travel, he enjoys writing best selling books. You have surely seen other physicians on television. None do as well as journalists and none do as well as physicians—most seem quickly lost in the glamour, inflating their expertise to cringe levels. Sanjay stays grounded—maybe, my husband says—because Sanjay was born and raised in the midwest. Most importantly, Sanjay stays a physician. He reflects the best in all of us, sticks to what he knows—or can factually develop—and puts a light on medical and humanitarian concerns, nationwide and worldwide. I took the opportunity to thank him personally for that.

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